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What Is A Retargeting Pixel?

And Why YOU Should Learn About It
As A Business Owner With A Website.

Have you ever visited any website, only to have it “follow” you around on social media sites, other websites and even in your emails in the form of advertisements?

This is especially noticeable when viewing products on Amazon, I’m sure you’ve experienced it.

You are looking for some new headphones on Amazon
& after you leave, everywhere you go you see Amazon ads
with the exact same headphones you looked at.

Well that phenomenon is not happening because of some crazy conspiracy that your cell phone is listening to you, or big brother is watching you.

These ads are following you (and countless others) around because the websites that you are visiting have a small piece of code installed inside them called a “Retargeting Pixel”.

And as annoying as some may find it, the fact is that retargeting pixels are PROVEN to work amazingly well to bring new leads and sales to any business.

Your business can now follow your website visitors around the internet, the same way all the other biggest brands in the world do.  

(Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, etc.)

With a Retargeting Pixel installed on your business website, your lost visitors will be reminded about your business when:

  • They are watching funny cat videos’ on YouTube
  • They are checking their Facebook feed or messages
  • They are checking their Instagram accounts
  • They are reading news articles online
  • They are visiting almost anywhere on the internet, even tho it’s not your website!

And when you can combine the power of ‘capturing’ your lost traffic in a pixel, and then re-market to them you will easily be able to reach your 5 points of contact and;

  • Get more leads
  • Close more sales
  • Increase your bottom line

And the best part of it all…

  • A retargeting pixel can be set up in mere minutes.
  • It starts working 24/7 the very instant it’s install on your website.
  • It requires NO extra work on your part.
  • It’s completely hands free & automated

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